Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Excerpts on the Erie Marathon

7:17, 7:20, 7:13, 7:17, 7:15. Those were my times for the first five miles of the Erie Marathon at Presque Isle. My next three miles – 7:25, 7:37, 7:55…and that was when I decided to call it a day. With 160 miles on my legs in the previous 14 days, the fatigue set in quickly, and I just didn’t have the mental toughness to keep pushing. So I settled back into 8:30 pace and enjoyed the cool breeze coming off the lake.

The Erie Marathon felt a bit more like an ultra-event than a typical road marathon. The field is small and spectators sparse. The course winds through beautiful forests and along open sand beaches. The aid stations had Hammer products. And the results are still not posted. Although this was my first marathon without a new PR (but what did I expect with all the Grindstone training?), I enjoyed myself immensely. I finished feeling some disappointment, but the minimal soreness in my legs made me realize this was probably the best outcome.

Katie and I also enjoyed a wonderful weekend with Shane and Lori Sampson. Shane once again talked me into another 100, and potentially a larger adventure this summer...

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  1. Good luck at Grindstone David. I will be thinking of you and Mike the whole way. You are gonna nail it!!!!