Sunday, August 8, 2010

Grindstone Training - Week 2

Well here we are…week #2 of 10 complete. It is still hard to believe as I sit here typing that Grindstone is only 54 days away. It has been hard for me to stick with my “less is more” approach to training with this in the back of my mind. I need to continuously remind myself that beating my legs into the ground is not beneficial. Although when I asked Tanya Cady the best way to train for Grindstone, she said to take Katie to the hardware store, pick out a 2x4, and have her beat me over the head with it.

After pacing Steve for 37 miles last weekend I intentionally cut back the miles this week. I also want to feel fresh for the Grindstone Training Weekend coming up to maximize its benefit. The highlight of my running week was Wednesday’s run on the bike path at night. Storms were moving in and I was in the midst of some of the coolest lightning I’ve ever seen. It was also enough to make me run hard the last few miles to the car!

The low point of the week was my grocery-shopping trip to Meijer. Somewhere between the watermelons and the oranges my pinkie toe got caught on the cart and promptly broke from the force with which I was pursuing the fruit. As I lay in the fetal position on the floor muttering obscenities, my supportive wife was overcome with laughter. Thankfully the swelling has gone down significantly and I am left with just an incredibly black/blue/purple toe. It matches a few of my other toenails quite nicely.

Ohio ultra-legend Roy Heger said something to me this week that I am making my official motto for Grindstone: “Start slow, eat like a horse, drink like a fish, run like a turtle.” Proven advice from someone with something like 40 100-mile finishes. He has also passed me between miles 70 and 80 of both 100-milers I've run and both 100-milers I’ve paced.

Goals. Times. Pacing. Race strategies. These are all things runners from the 5K to the 100-miler think about. Some of these are relatively easy to define. The primary goal of any 100-miler must be to cross the finish line, for this in and of itself is not an easy task. But we must also set goals that challenge us to be better and reach higher. I’ve mulled over my goals for Grindstone these past two weeks. In many ways this race is to prove to myself that I possess the ability to tackle and complete a mountainous 100-miler (it is also a qualifier for the Hardrock 100). But beyond my personal time goals, I want to run well. And while this may seem like an ambiguous goal, I think I’ll know when and if it happens.

Mon – PT exercises (40’)
Tues – 7 miles
Wed – 90 flights of stairs, 8 mile run
Thurs – 11.6 miles on the bike (.5mi high-gear hill intervals)
Fri – 3 miles (15% treadmill incline) and 2 fast flat miles
Sat – 21 miles at Highbanks
Sun – 5 miles, PT exercises (30’), 15 miles on the bike

Total: 46 miles

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